A Walk in the Woods

I am building a secular path through Wicca and Paganism to recognize Nature through all of her seasons. I think of Paganism as a walk in the woods.  The beauty of it is that we can all decide what it means to us and for us. This is also the hardest part. Pagan paths require us to sit and reflect what we want out of life and what Nature and her seasons mean to us, and how we want to recognize those changes.

Home is where the Heart is

I put a lot of stock in “Home”. Home is safety, comfort, and where we grow. Home is where we are when we take off the day. Home is where we express who we are and what we care about in how we care for our homes, decorate them, and the products we purchase for them. We just bought a new home in September 2020 and are updating it from drab 70s drug-through-the-years-style into a mid century modern oasis from this crazy world.

Where the Good Things Grow

I grew up watching my grandparents and aunts and uncles garden, harvest, and preserve their harvest and I finally have a yard that is big enough to garden and I am so excited to set it up and grow food and all the garden things.

Food Nourishes the Soul

I love to cook and bake. I once thought about a career in paleoethnobotany, which is very long word for figuring out what people used to eat. I have some recipes I like to think I have perfected and can share with you here.

Drops of Gold

Essential oils are potent plant compounds that have many many benefits for our health and mood. They are also powerful cleansers so can be use for nontoxic homecare. These little amber bottles are drops of gold and have changed the way I live my life. I would like to share how I use them and help you get started with oils if you don’t have any.