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Sustainability from a Global Company

doTERRA, the largest essential oil company in the world, held its annual convention last week and released a whole new line of home care products that are equally powerful cleansers and completely sustainable for the environment. Their new sustainability model is built on three principles that I’d like to explore with you: reusability model, recyclable…

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Bird Seed Craft

This year, I wanted to find a craft I could do with my daughter to mark the Winter season and this one is practical as well, which is one of my favorite things. As discussed in my previous post, I have a hard time with this season. Cold and dark and gray make me gloomy,…

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What to do with Imbolc

This post began as a struggle with how to recognize this season of Imbolc.  This is the hardest sabbat for me to relate to as it falls in the middle of Winter and I am not a cold and dark person.  The Google doc file has been open for three days and I couldn’t find…

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Top Ten Essential Oils

These bottles and these oils have changed the way I live my life. They have really been the catalyst for my journey into wellness, into paganism, into discovering how I want to live my life and being brave enough to do just that. I would like this blog to be a place where I can…

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