Essential Oils

Photo by Christin Hume via Unsplash

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that act as plant’s natural defense systems. They can be found in flowers, stems, bark, and roots. The oils are distilled from these plant parts and the resulting essential oils are potent drops that can be used for many different benefits. Essential oils are natural products, parts of the plants themselves. Our bodies can recognize them and make use of them.

We can use them in three different ways. We can use them aromatically, simple inhaling the aroma from the bottle or a diffuser. We can use them topically, dilluted in a roller bottle or with a carrier oil and applied with a touch. We can use them internally drinking them in our water or a veggie cap. However, not all oils are safe to use internally and I only trust doTERRA oils to be safe. Almost all essential oils on the market today are adulterated in one form or another. Click below to read more about source, quality, purity and why doTERRA is simply the best.

I use essentials oil because I try to use natural products in my home and these are about as natural as it gets. There is no reverse engineering or synthetic chemicals here. They are pennies per drop and you can use them very economically. They are potent too so a few drops go a long way. They also offer a fun DIY outlet and allow you to customize your cleaning products, room sprays, rollers, and whatever else you come up with for yourself with the scents you like.

What can you use essential oils for? EVERYTHING! The great thing about essential oils is that our bodies recognize them so they actually support our body systems. They help our bodies to help themselves. Also, there are many essential oils so you can use or not use one according to your preferences.

I love to talk to folks about oils and how they can be used. Click below to host a class or send me an email to start chatting about how you could use them for yourself, your family, and your home. Ready to get oils for yourself? Scroll down for the link! I can’t wait to hear from you and help you get started on your wellness journey!

Why doTERRA essential oils?

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80% of essential oils are adulterated in some way.


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— Corey Lindley