Who has time for flattering, professional photos? Bathroom selfies are all the rage.

Hi! Welcome. I’m Erin. I hate these About sections because I never know what you want to know about me. I am a Summer person, cold and dark winters are hard for me. I am a wife and Momma to a clever little girl. She is my bright light. I work full time leading a team of GIS professionals and I also educate folks on essential oils and help them get started oils of their own. I am not one of those happy, nice, trendy women you see so many of. I am polite, caring, and real.

I have a vast and deep love for Nature in all it’s forms and Nature. I am building a path through Wicca and Paganism (without deities and spirits) to be more connected with the natural world. Nature is calming, enlivening, food, home, a place for adventures, a place for solace, everything. I am also exploring witchy things, like New Moon intentions, crystals, small magics (things done with intention), and herbalism (although I use a lot of oils in place of herbs).

I think one expression of this love of Nature and all its forms is a steadfast devotion to conservation, recycling, upcycling, secondhand, zero-waste, closed loop cooking, less plastic, and less waste. I am also steadfastly devoted to non-toxic living. There are an amazing amount of chemicals added to so many products we use simply for the benefit of convenience and profit, and they are making us all sick. I prefer to use natural products, make my own cleaning products, and eat real food.

I love to garden and compost and grow things. I am setting up a new garden this year. We just bought a new house in September and so we are starting from scratch building a garden and composting area and planting flowers. I can’t wait to get started on these projects and tell you all about them.

I mentioned we just bought a house 4 months ago. She needs some updates, and I am going to honor her 70s vibes with a lean toward midcentury. Our homes are expressions of our values with the products we put in them and the way we care for them. I am excited to share updates about home renovation projects as well.

In my mind, all of these things are all rolled into one and interwoven throughout them is my passion for nontoxic living and essential oils. I use oils for all aspects of my life and home and garden, so there will be recipes and info shared about them as well. We can’t talk about essential oils without talking about quality and purity so I will post some info about those as well.