Bird Seed Craft

This year, I wanted to find a craft I could do with my daughter to mark the Winter season and this one is practical as well, which is one of my favorite things. As discussed in my previous post, I have a hard time with this season. Cold and dark and gray make me gloomy, and Imbolc does not feel like Spring here. So, I decided to attempt to embrace the season we are in and make a bird seed craft for the birds (and squirrels) in the Winter. I got this idea from Pinterest from the witch and wand.

Oh, I should mention that my mom came by to do this craft with us and that is really special. My mom is like a craft master, so it is always fun doing crafts with her.

We started with 4 packages of gelatin, dissolved into one cup of water that was heated to a low boil. This step took a little longer than we were expecting and a whisk worked better than a spoon.

We also laid out some canning jar lids on parchment paper to act as molds. I do not have silicon molds in fun shapes.

Once the gelatin was mostly dissolved, we poured it into 4 cups of birdseed. We used a giant bowl because I knew I’d have an enthusiastic 4 year old who insisted on pouring and stirring. It all stayed in the bowl, mostly.

Once combined, we spooned the mixture into the canning jar lids and created holes in the middle for the string to go through. The blog post we were following said to use straws, but I don’t have plastic straws and try to think about my zero-waste priciples when I am doing crafts like this, so i found a metal chopstick and just poked it in and turned it in a tight circle to make the hole. The liquid gelatin settled there, but it was easy to poke through once they dried.

Next, we let them dry overnight. They probably would have been ready sooner, but life. My mom, my daughter, and I went on to make banana bread with some brown bananas.

The next day, we unmolded the bird seed ornaments from the canning jar lids and strung them up. I had scissors to cut the string so I just used them to poke a hole through the gelatin in the middle.

Then, we hung a couple in our trees. I am calling this a success. The Sun hasn’t come up yet, so I haven’t checked on them a day later. If the squirrels got to them, well, it is Winter for them too and I am sure they appreciated it as well.

This fun craft that my mom, my daughter, and I mixed and my husband helped us finish was a great way to recognize the season we are in and recognize that the seasons might begin to change soon. Imbolc marks the halway point between Yule (Midwinter) and Ostara (High Spring), so Spring is on her way.