Sustainability from a Global Company

doTERRA, the largest essential oil company in the world, held its annual convention last week and released a whole new line of home care products that are equally powerful cleansers and completely sustainable for the environment.

Their new sustainability model is built on three principles that I’d like to explore with you: reusability model, recyclable materials, and concentrate model.

First, as part of their reusability model, they released a set of beautiful frosted amber glass bottles that are meant to be purchased one time and used for years. They eliminated as much plastic as they could. The tops are metal and they are gorgeous enough that I love having them sitting on my counter.

Four frosted, amber glass bottles sit on a surface with a plant and towels. One bottle says doTERRA abode dish soap, one bottle says doTERRA abode surface spray, one bottle says doTERRA abode hand wash, one bottle says doTERRA abode hand lotion.

The second principle in their sustainability model is recyclable materials. They are going to begin shipping their products in aluminum bottles.  Did you know that 99% of aluminum that is used today has been recycled? They are also using post-consumer recycled material where they can.

Frosted glass amber bottle that says doTERRA abode Dish Soap sits next to a white aluminum bottle that says the same thing.

doTERRA will ship refills of their dish soap, surface spray, hand wash, hand Lotion, and other products coming soon in aluminum bottles meant to be poured into their new gorgeous frosted amber glass bottles. The refill bottles and caps are aluminum so they can both be recycled.

Frosted glass amber bottle that says doTERRA abode hand wash sits next to a white aluminum bottle that says Citrus Bloom Hand Wash.

They have also introduced post consumer material into the packaging for their new dishwasher pods and laundry pods.

White pouch that says doTERRA abode dishwasher pods sits on a surface with three individual pods, and a bottle of Grapefruit essential oil sitting on a stack of three small towels.

The third principle is the concentrate model. Did you know that most cleaning products are 90% water? Instead of shipping water all over the world, doTERRA has introduced concentrates into their product lines. The hand wash is sent with a 1 to 3 part concentration and their surface spray is sent at a 1 to 9 part concentration.

Frosted glass amber bottle that says doTERRA abode surface spray sits next to a small aluminum bottle that says the same thing.

This is huge. This saves shipping costs, reduces the amount of packaging used, and reduces the carbon footprint of a global company.

The entire doTERRA abode line sitting on a kitchen counter with text above that reads “From the packaging to the sourcing of the ingredients, the extra care taken to make this line sustainable means you don’t have to compromise between what’s good for and what’s good for the planet.” By Bekah Nixon, Vice President of Global Product Innovation